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Comic 171 - Today's plans

Posted on 19th Nov 2016, 8:49 PM by Cammi (edit | delete)

Originally, this was going to be a short hiatus while I worked on an application to teach English in Japan and the essay for it I had to put a lot of thought and convincing into.

It got hard to get back into drawing after that. My day job makes me tired. Mondays has me running around the office and city nonstop, especially the last four weeks. I come home drained. I wake up Tuesday not fully recovered. There's less running around, but I'm still juggling marketing duties, mail projects, and IT things around a 4-floor office. Many times I'm trying to do one of these things, and I get called upstairs because someone doesn't know how to turn their scanner off and back on again when it misbehaves, or nobody in the room knows how to replace a toner cartridge, or someone doesn't know how to find a program when its shortcut is deleted off the desktop. Really menial things that boil my nerves. I go home, check my social media messages, pass out before i can respond to all of them. Sometimes I play a few minutes 3DS video games to cheer myself up. Fall asleep with the 3DS still on. Wake up completely bitter on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. Sleep in on Friday and Saturday because I work in the afternoons on those days. Clean the house, cook meals for the next week, shop for food. Feel pretty okay by Sunday but then there's little time to enjoy myself AND make comics so I have to choose one or the other. Cycle repeats next Monday.

I started this page last Sunday, and this is one of the most simplest and under-detailed pages of this whole web comic, but it's taken me a whole week to finish it as I've been too exhausted and stressed after work to stare into a computer any longer.

These days, it has become impossible to manage this day job AND draw comics regularly, and this is a very low-paying job where cutting my hours means I can't pay my rent.

This comic will have new pages whenever I'm able to make them. There will no longer be a regular schedule until something in my life changes that allows me to comfortably make comics again. I'll start using the @ChimeraGambit twitter account to announce when new pages are added.

Thank you all for reading and following the comic over the years.

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AltermentalityPosted on 26th Nov 2016, 8:04 PM by Altermentality (edit | delete)

I feel ya, Cammi! It can be impossible to balance everything, and taking care of yourself comes first. Just tell the story at your own pace!


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