The Kids
Name: Eugine Genova; Age: 19; Status: Project #4264 and Teacher's Assistant
Born and raised within the New Generations Research Academy, but not one to want to talk about it.  In fact, unless circumstaces make him slip, he ops not to talk at all!

Name: Theresa Daiquiri (Terrie); Age: 19; Status: 1st year/Team Potpourri
A new student from out of town who's short enough to be mistaken for a kid and ungirly enough to be mistaken for a boy. She's taken enough interest in Genova to try to befriend him, but even though she now has mixed feelings about his recent theft and escape plan, Audrie already puts them to work together and she has to go with it..

Name: Garrison  Generic (Gary); Age: 17; Status: 2nd year/Team Mindthing
Gary is the oldest of four identical children belonging to the robotics professor, Harold Generic, all raised to be complete geniuses. He's socially obnoxious and annoying, and has an on-and-off alliance with Genova to where Geno actually talks to him. Sometimes.
Name: Giovanni Marco (Von); Age: 20; Status: 1st year/Team Mechanica
He's the son of Cedar Pointe's mayor and nobody really likes his arrogance or takes him seriously. After years of the community sending the Mayor in to handle their complaints about it, he is officially enrolled as a student of the robotics team and was assured by the headmaster he will likely regret it.
Name: Mary Faeriewell Age: ??; Status: 3rd year/ Team Mindthing
Mary is a transfer student with a service animal sheep named Haggis and a passionate interest in Genova and how he functions as a project.  For this, she studies under the psychology team knowing its leader is most responsible for him. Except for when getting what she wants, she's usually not very talkative, but she at least talks more than Genova.
Name: Lawrence Generic (Larry); Age: 17; Status: 2nd year/Team Mechanica
Both a student and right-hand man of his father,  possibly the smartest of his siblings.  He takes things cool, but in a way, it's kind of creepy.
[none yet]

Name: Boyd Powers; Age: 21; Status: 4th year/Team Mechanica
Boyd is only attending this school as wished by his parents and is normally just a very lazy comics and gaming nerd.  To get by, his personal projects usually consist of building the hardware to Kat's ideas. Those two are pretty inseperable unless she happens to be gone for a reason and he's always looking after her. Because.


[none yet] Name: Katina Marie Mana; Age: 20; Status: 3rd year/Team Mindthing
Too bad you won't see this girl until chapter 3.  She is the sweetest, most excitable girl in this whole comic, and makes up the other half to Boyd's dynamic duo
Names: Mona Venus; Age: 17; Status: 2nd year year/Team Potpourri
One of the identical twin girls who were enrolled in the school pretty young much like Gary and his siblings and both girls have a heated rivalry between Larry and Barry Generic.  Mona is the smart one that does her homework while Lisa makes her all pretty and stuff.
Names: Lisa Venus; Age: 17; Status: 2nd year/Team Potpourri
Mona's twin sister.  She's the pretty one that makes sure she makes a good impression on everyone while Mona does her homework for her.  They almost never separate.
Name: Carolyn Francesca Generic (Carrie); Age: 17; Status: 2nd year/Team Potpourri
Her real passion is trying to construct fictional world domination plots to see if they're doable in real life, but that's not a valid field of study so she's in Audrie's classes.
[none yet] Name: Barrett Generic (Barry); Age: 17; Status: 2nd year/Team Mechanica
The youngest of the Generic offspring  has a lot of bright ideas, but also a lot of bad things happening to him too.
The Staff
Name: Audrie Berrymelon; Age: 35; Status: Botany Prof./Team Potpourri Leader/G4
Audrie is extremely passionate about plants and herbal junk, and manages a team of girls at the greenhouse to develop herbal remedies and cosmetics for the Cedar Pointe community. As one of Genova's four caretakers (G4), she also serves as his motherly figure, but she's more focused on... other things.
Name: Stanley Maroon; Age: 55; Status: Team Psych leader/G4
One of Genova's four guardians who probably spends more time chasing the teen than doing things class-related (most of his students are okay with this). Also winds up taking the rap for any trouble that Genova causes or has done to him, he is a poor old man who's had no life for the last 19 years, but he gets by somehow.
Name: Riley (If you've heard his full name, he advises to forget about it); Age: 34; Status: Janitor/G4
Riley's only beginning his second year of employment at the academy as Rabbit's assistant, but he mouths off like he's been around forever. He's a mysterious guy who turns on cleaning equipment and looks after Genova while the others are busy with classes. Originally a homeless out-of-towner found on the streets of Cedar Pointe, he was hired immediately after stopping one of Genova's escape plans by kicking him in the nuts. However, Riley was told to never do that again and must resort to other means of sensless violence if he has to.
Name: Venn Jones; Age: 26;
Status: Headmaster/Team fuck the Stars Leader/???

A really nice guy who inherited a whole school at a young age, but the faculty finds him about as reliable as they do Genova, which is not very reliable at all.  When he's not headmastering around, he is either awkwardly dating girls downtown or teaching astronomy in the Clocktower Observatory.
Name: Rabbit Mason; Age: 21;
Status: Groundskeeper
Her family had been maintaining the property for generations and now she's the only one left.  She was once the maid, but there's no longer a groundkeeper on the premesis and Riley  took the cleaning job after complaining to have outdoor allergies.
Name: Harold Generic; Age: 46;
Status: Team Mechanica Leader/Mayoral Candidate/G4/Richest Guy in Cedar Pointe
Genova's other guardians serve under him and he takes orders directly from the headmaster when it comes to Genova (although more than not, he becomes Venny's advisor).  Can't say much else for now, aside for having a lot of pride in his four intelligent children all attending the very school he works in.
Whatever Else
Name: Norbert Generic; Age: 10; Status: Just a kid
Norb's parents operate a student dorm facility in Downtown Cedar Pointe, but they like to hang out at night and often leave him to watch over the residents nearly twice as old as he is.  He likes to have his best friend Kirby over to play and banter over video games. He is also Gary's cousin.

Name: Kirby Marco; Age: 10; Status: Some other kid.
Giovanni's  younger brother and Norbert's best friend despite the two families generally hating each other.  He knows more video game storylines than he should.

[none yet] Name: Frances Generic; Age: 43;
Status: Mom, Occasional traveler
She bakes pies, hosts family board game nights, and sometimes disappears for weeks on an airplane and comes back with imported goods. What more could the Generic kids ask for in a mom?