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Comic 68 - What Are you?

Posted on 23rd Aug 2012, 2:33 AM by Cammi (edit | delete)

Yes, darts. But you missed that yesterday, didn't you, Terrie?

This page is late because I drew it, hated the whole thing, and drew it over again. Then I forgot the dialogue because my notes are basically a list of actions and dialogue topics without any actual scripting. You sure showed me, page!

Also, this Monday I will be updating Immortal Fool, since that one hasn't been touched in fourty days. The next HiEx update will come mid-week.

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cattservantPosted on 23rd Aug 2012, 7:04 AM by cattservant (edit | delete)

She's already conflicted!


VinnyVideoPosted on 24th Aug 2012, 1:35 PM by VinnyVideo (edit | delete)

I wouldn't have picked up if I were him!

Just wondering: Since your old site is hosted there, do you like Xepher.net? I was thinking of applying to have a site hosted on Xepher.


CammiPosted on 24th Aug 2012, 8:14 PM by Cammi (edit | delete)

But then the Janitor will just pop out of nowhere!

My only gripe with Xepher is the PHP upgrades. Sometimes it goes without a hitch, but sometimes the admin makes some changes in how PHP woks, and if you have anything coded in PHP, it might not work until you fix the coding to adhere to the PHP update on the server. If you've seen my Billy and Mandy comic on W42 and noticed it will only load the latest page, that is why.

That aside, Xepher's a very reliable host. There's few downtimes, you get SQL access if needed, and the admin is very attentive if you have issues. I've used it for the last eight years. Only had problems with PHP stuff on occasion.


AltermentalityPosted on 24th Aug 2012, 5:35 PM by Altermentality (edit | delete)

I like Eugine's HRRRNG expression in the last panel. Also this page is SO CUTE


CammiPosted on 24th Aug 2012, 8:15 PM by Cammi (edit | delete)

haha! That's probably my favorite expression to draw ever. More things like this need to happen to him!


AmaarePosted on 26th Aug 2012, 9:09 PM by Amaare (edit | delete)

I think pannel 3 has to be the best picture of this pair yet.
Also, Terrie looks like she's got some righteous fury brewing at the end there!


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