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Comic 75 - Casual Entrance

Posted on 8th Jan 2013, 3:28 PM by Cammi (edit | delete)

Hi, floor! It's time to take your anti-anxiety meds!

Also, I want to note that a new donation wallpaper is available for contributions of any amount! The page won't load after donating like I had hoped it would, so if you make a donation, I will promptly email you the download link with various sizes to choose from.

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CaeliaPosted on 8th Jan 2013, 3:52 PM by Caelia (edit | delete)

G-geno you're making a mess...

Shouldn't you use the sink or the toilet or something...

What if Mary's lamb wanders in and gobbles up those pills...

Geno stop


SwagnerPosted on 8th Jan 2013, 4:02 PM by Swagner (edit | delete)

Hehe, drugged-up sheep/goat hybrid... That's a funny mental picture.

Also, an incredibly manic Eugene. What's he up to?


ClefPosted on 9th Jan 2013, 12:30 AM by Clef (edit | delete)

Heh, classic. Judging by Terrie's 3rd panel face, she caught a gimps of the covers of said love comics while getting that bottle.


AmaarePosted on 9th Jan 2013, 11:28 AM by Amaare (edit | delete)

Joke intended?


AmaarePosted on 9th Jan 2013, 11:29 AM by Amaare (edit | delete)

Methinks Geno's quiet face is not his real face...


OwlPosted on 10th Jan 2013, 12:59 AM by Owl (edit | delete)

The floor worries a lot about wether it's shiny enough.


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